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temperature 45 ˚C/50 °C
Permon´s Paradise

Bear’s Den

Comfortable sitting in a room lined with wood and a fireplace, which gives the space a peaceful atmosphere. In the beautifully heated cosy den, the room is filled with healthy dry heat, you can hear the crackling wood embers and gazing into the cleansing flames is conducive to meditation. A place to which you are guaranteed to return.

Effect: relaxation, recovery, strengthening immunity, overall physical and mental relaxation

Indications: rest and relaxation by the fire after a sauna or inhalation is beneficial to overall relaxation and regeneration of the body

Contraindications: suppurating skin diseases, fungal infections, infectious diseases, open wounds, conditions after deep vein thrombosis, epilepsy, all acute attacks of chronic disease, decompensation of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, active tuberculosis, bleeding conditions, psychiatric disorders, fever, febrile conditions, pregnancy, relative contraindication age of 70 years.

Recommendation: Pamper your tired body in a quiet place and decide for yourself when you leave the “bear’s den”.

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