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Principles od correct sauna use

To enjoy the sauna to the maximum, you must follow these correct principles.

For a sauna you need a minimum of 2 hours’ time and very little clothing: 1 bath towel and 1 sheet.

Rules of Proper Sauna Use:

It is the responsibility of a visitor to the relaxation centre to act according to the instructions of the sauna operator.

1. Cleansing and Preparation
Do not go to the sauna hungry or with a full stomach. So, you can peacefully enjoy a sauna, go to the toilet first.
Before the actual sauna have a shower. Dry well, because dry skin sweats more quickly.
Wash yourself with soap under warm shower to thoroughly cleanse the skin and enable better sweating. Then you should have a foot bath at 38-40 °C for 2-4 minutes.
A warm foot bath before the sauna promotes perspiration.

2. In the sauna
At the entrance to the sauna, the visitor can set the sand timer.
Breathe through your nose, but not deeply, do it slowly. Do not talk unnecessarily and do not move around; in the sauna you should let your body relax.
When inhaling, breathe through your nose, shallowly at first and then deepen your breaths. Narrow your eyes more often or keep them closed.
Your time in the sauna should be short, but the effect is intense. Therefore, sweat on the top or bottom bench.
During heating, which should not take more than 15 minutes, some people prefer to lie and others prefer to sit. Rely on your feelings. Children, due to their lower body weight and faster heating are recommended to keep their time in the sauna to 5 minutes.

Lying down, you will feel a comfortable even heat, because the whole body is at the same temperature level and the differences in surface temperature quickly equalize. There is no need to get up suddenly. To get up, first start to move the limbs, or if you are lying, sit up and massage your body for a while before you stand up. Move as little as possible and relax quietly. Too much speaking leads to direct airflow to the lungs and a rapid rise in core body temperature.

During the last two minutes, you should sit up to so your circulation becomes accustomed to the vertical position and so that blood does not suddenly rush to the legs.
After complete heating, there follows the cooling. Before it, it is necessary first to wash away the sweat from the body. If you have high blood pressure, you should avoid immersing yourself into a swimming pool of cold water. If the cooling in the shower is not enough for you, it is possible to use the cooling pool, which enhances the enjoyment of the sauna. It is important to cool the area at the back of the head.
By cooling the feet, a feeling of warmth is achieved in the head. Repeated exposure to cold water trains your arteries and increases the resistance of your body. Some people do squats in the pool, others just cool down and instead quickly rush out.

After cooling down in the pool, have a shower.

Wait a while and relax before entering the sauna again. For this you can use the comfortable environment of the relaxation rooms (the tepidarium).

It is recommended to repeat the whole cycle a total of three times.

After the sauna it is necessary to relax on a lounger.

During the sauna it is very important to supplement fluids. Suitable drinks are plain water, mineral water, juice, etc. Breathe through your nose, but not deeply, instead slowly. Do not talk unnecessarily and do not move around; in the sauna you should let your body relax.

During the sauna the visitor is essentially naked (for hygiene and physiological reasons).

Care should be taken to maintain environmental hygiene in the sauna room. In the sauna and relaxation room use only your own towel and sheet.

In the premises of the relaxation centre go barefoot or wear clean bathing flipflops. Footwear should be left in front of the sauna.

A sauna is good preparation for a massage.

At the end of the sauna, wash without soap. Soap disturbs the natural pH of the skin. For dry skin you can use body lotion. Before dressing give yourself enough time to cool down, otherwise the sweating process will still continue.

After finishing the sauna do not perform any physical activity. The best thing is to sleep.

Effect of sauna use

When using the sauna alternating heat and cold act on the body. This causes multiple reactions from the body. The strong effect of heat in the sauna area causes dilation of the blood vessels in the skin and significant sweating.
Although the rapid evaporation of sweat cools the skin, the temperature rises inside the body by about 1 °C and the skin by about 10 °C.
This promotes the formation of substances which are protective against infections. The heat of the sauna has a positive effect on the sauna user. It relaxes the mind and muscles. Although the heart beats a little faster, the dilation of numerous vessels in the skin eases the strain. Higher blood pressure is therefore normalized, so there is no need to worry about excessive burden on the heart.
In the cooling phase, the high temperature of the body is lowered back to its baseline by the action of fresh air and chilled water. In conjunction with a warm foot bath, the vessels in the skin work properly. People who use saunas are therefore protected from colds. Cooling also creates a feeling of being refreshed and the vegetative nervous system sends important impulses to the hormone-producing organs, or the metabolism and immune system.
Sauna use is a natural means of body care. Strong sweating and repeated showering leads to thorough cleansing of the skin. The heat of the sauna stimulates the formation of new skin cells.
It is recommended to use the sauna two to three times daily for a total time in the sauna not exceeding 30-45 minutes.
Sauna use increases the supply of bronchial mucus and moisturizes the respiratory system. To strengthen the immune system, it is advised to have one or two saunas a week. A person should, however, be cautious with diseases such as cardiac insufficiency, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and acute inflammation (e.g. acute rheumatic attack), or with infections.
The sauna is intended for healthy people, and each visitor uses it at their own risk.
The sauna is not open to people who have symptoms of acute illness (fever, cough, cold, diarrhoea, etc.) or people with transmissible inflammations of the upper airways. The same applies to persons suffering from diseases with symptoms of skin rash and open or suppurating wounds. Entry is not permitted for carriers of bacterial intestinal diseases, as well as people whose family members suffer from any infectious disease.
Patients suffering from diseases other than those listed here, use the sauna at their own risk, even if they have sought medical advice.
Relaxation and recovery, building resistance, body care, the joy of a social evening in sauna are among the most important motives for your visit to the sauna. Some visitors connect the sauna with a goal - to cure and relieve pain. The suitability for this case must be assessed by a doctor. Sauna use is prohibited in the case of acute illness with fever, inflammation, and with severely affected organs.
Many diseases of the heart and circulatory system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system and skin are consistent with sauna use.
Great importance is attached particularly to strengthening immunity. In some cases, sauna use may even support treatment.
It is always important to use the sauna correctly without overdoing it.

What, however, no one realizes is that:
1. Swimsuits are made of 100% artificial materials, which means that at a temperature above 50 °C, they release harmful substances into the air! Thus, we are sitting on a ticking time bomb!
2. Each sauna user should sit on a bath towel or sheet so that they do not leave a wet spot and not in a bathing suit.
3. Swimsuits are built for summer temperatures - that is, up to 40 °C.

Following proper procedures during your time in a sauna makes sense, and has been proven over the centuries and is backed up by the current physiological, biochemical and other knowledge.

The sauna is very relaxing, but also physically demanding, and therefore it should be seen as a recreational workout.

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