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Permon´s Paradise

KIDS´ Paradise - for children

Children's Pool
Your children will experience a lot of fun in the children's pool with dimensions 6 x 3 m and a water temperature of 33 °C. The Kids’ Paradise consists of two parts, which are linked by the "Baby Slide". The upper paddling pool has a depth of 32 cm and a lower pool gradually slopes from a depth of 32 cm to 1 cm. The shallower pool is also suitable for the smallest children. Children can have fun catching bubbles from the “water jets" and have fun under the small 'children's fountain ". The cheerful blue slide bent in the shape of a snake named "Cobra" and the nice "Bear" slide are popular with our smallest visitors!

Children’s Jacuzzis
This bubble bath for toddlers offers pleasant massaging bubbles of compressed air, rising from the bottom of the bath. The water temperature of 31-34 °C is very pleasant and the effect of the bath is releasing, relaxing, stimulating and regenerating.

"Jahôdka" Relaxation Room
The "Jahôdka" children's relaxation room with a temperature of 34-36 °C is the perfect warm-up for child's body in a unique room in the shape of a wild strawberry. It has health-giving effects on the body and it has a regenerative and stimulating effect.

"Movie" Chute
It’s not only children who will enjoy this 63 m long water slide, which will catch everyone’s eyes with its graphic design inside. The landing pool will stand you straight up on your feet. The water in the landing pool is a pleasant 30 °C, so you won’t get an unpleasant surprise as you fall into cold water. Let your adrenaline levels rise and go wild on this chute. It will put a smile on your face and in less than a minute the adrenaline will turn to endorphins and give you a feeling of happiness. Try it once and you will find that once is not enough ...

Wide Slide
The wide slide will delight both children and adults. The 10-metre width of the slides makes it a really “wide” slide, therefore there is room for everyone to have fun on it. Your children will not be trembling from cold water, because the landing pool is 30 °C.

Infrared Sauna
After swimming, you can relax in the infrared sauna, which will pleasantly warm your body and loosen you up. Relaxation at the pool enables you to make your time at the Aqua Paradise more pleasant.

We place extraordinary emphasis on quality and purity of water. The cleanliness of the pool is maintained well beyond established standards. On a daily basis we change the water, we use the latest ozone generator technology. Ozone kills bacteria and viruses transmitted by water. Ozone works 3100 times faster than chlorine, without causing odour, eye irritation, or producing hazardous by-products which are common with aggressive chemicals. Ozone leaves no harmful by-products of the chemical in the pool water. All our pools are made by the prestigious Austrian company: Berndorf Bäderbau and are serviced on a regular basis. Berndorf Bäderbau s.r.o. holds the certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CSN EN 1090-2, CSN ISO 3834-2.

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