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Facial treatment "SOTHYS Paris"

"Excellence Ritual Secret de Sothys for the Face" (premium treatment)

140 EUR

Deliver an unforgettable experience and effect to your skin.

"Rejuvenating Treatment SSP3 TRI COMPLEX" (most sophisticated rejuvenating treatment to reduce signs of aging)

70 EUR

Treat yourself to the unique effectiveness of professional treatments based on five key steps.

"Hydra 3Ha" (most effective treatment ever from Sothys)

65 EUR

Luxury treatment has been specially designed to suit the needs of hydration for all skin types in combination with a special protocol of six stages, exclusive Digi-esthétique® massage techniques...

"Siberian Mystery" (energizing intensive treatment with Siberian Ginseng)

60 EUR

Do you long to have skin that shines and is full of energy?

"Seasonal Cure" treatment in the rhythm of the seasons (limited edition)

47 EUR

This oxygenating seasonal facial treatment will give your skin the necessary dose of vitamins and minerals.

"Perfect Shape" special professional treatment to eliminate the problem of sagging of the contours of the face, cleavage, deepening wrinkles and double chin

50 EUR

This versatile professional treatment, suitable for men and women, specifically designed for clients with the problem of sagging contours of the face, cleavage, deepening wrinkles and double chin.

Regenerative Peeling with AHA acids (recovery and brightening skin)

48 EUR

Regenerative peeling is a popular procedure. Its task is to restore the skin when it is grey, dry or if the skin has pigmentation marks.

"Soothing Professional Treatment with Thermal Spa Water"

50 EUR

Discover the pleasure and amazing effect of professional treatment with thermal spa water.

"Eye Contour" (highly professional protective eye treatment)

50 EUR

During this treatment we pay attention to wrinkles, swelling and dark circles under the eyes...

"Eye Contour" (in the case of the combination with Hydra 3Ha or the Rejuvenating Cure)

20 EUR

During this treatment, we pay attention to wrinkles, swelling and dark circles under the eyes and more...

"Sothys Homme" (anti-stress detoxication treatment for men)

50 EUR

In this treatment, each man will find what they need, whether it's detoxification, treatment of wrinkles or hydration.

Chocolate Anti-stress Treatment for the Face

47 EUR

Take a break and escape into the chocolate world of dreams ...

Honey Oxygenating Treatment for the Face

47 EUR

Enjoy the clean feeling of health and well-being: Sweet honey and a sugar scrub, a foam mask with pure honey.

Treatment of normal to mixed/oily/dry/sensitive skin

40 EUR

Hhelp your skin protect itself from adverse external influences.

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