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Visitors’ rules

Visitors’ rules

1. General rules
1.1. The visitors’ rules and its regulations are to maintain safe operation, order and cleanliness throughout the entire operation of the Permon's Paradise wellness centre at the Grand Hotel Permon and the wellness centre at the Hotel Pieris. These rules also cover the entry points and outdoor facilities, as well as caring for the comfort of our guests. Visitors should avoid any action contrary to these rules, disturbing the comfort of other visitors or disturbing the working responsibilities of employees under legal regulations and decrees of government and internal management. By buying entry, the visitor declares to the extent necessary they are acquainted with the visitors’ rules and their provisions become binding for the visitor.

2. Opening hours, admission and exclusion from a visit of the site
2.1. The opening hours of Permon's Paradise and Wellness Pieris are visibly marked for the public. Entry is allowed only during opening hours with a valid ticket, which customers can purchase at the cash desk.
2.2. The visitor is obliged to return the entry bracelet before leaving the facility, otherwise they are liable for damages. For the loss of the bracelet the operator charges damages of 33 euros.
2.3. No more tickets are issued later than one hour before closing time.
2.4. There is no entry to the complex for:
a) persons under the influence of alcohol or toxic substances
b) persons with animals
c) persons suffering from communicable infectious diseases (in case of doubt a visitor may be asked for confirmation from a doctor) or people with open wounds or skin problems (e.g. flaky skin, rash, skin parasites) or suffering from any disease which threatens the health of other visitors. Also, family members of persons suffering from contagious infectious diseases who are isolated from their families, or people suffering from diseases accompanied by discharges
d) persons who intend to use the complex for commercial or non-standard use without the permission of a competent person
e) persons who are dirty, dressed in dirty clothes or infested with insects
2.5. For safety reasons, persons who cannot independently move or dress and undress without assistance, and persons with significant physical or mental disabilities are permitted to enter the premises only when accompanied.
2.6. Children under 12 years old are allowed to enter the premises only accompanied by a person older than 18 years.

3. Liability
3.1. Visitors use Permon’s Paradise, Wellness Pieris and the facilities associated in accordance with the instructions of the operator and the facility operating rules, otherwise the operator is not liable for their actions.
3.2. The operator is liable for damages in accordance with civil law.
3.3. Visitors, during operating hours, keep all the things they have brought in the lockers, which they keep locked, otherwise the operator is not responsible for damage to items brought in. The lockers are opened at the end of the opening hours and the operator is no longer liable for items found, in which case the provisions of § 118 et seq. of the Civil Code apply.

4. Operational instructions for visitors
4.1. Visitors are required before entering the pools, to thoroughly wash with soap in the shower without swimwear. Visitors are required to use their own clean swimwear in pools. The sauna is entered without swimwear.
4.2. Bathing time is limited to the time on the valid entry bracelet. If the specified time for bathing is exceeded, the visitor is obliged to pay for admission for the extra time. Visitors are required to leave the area of the pools and sauna no later than 30 minutes before the end of opening hours.
4.3. Using body-cleansing substances outside the showers is prohibited.
4.4. Running, jumping into pools and throwing others into the pools is prohibited.
4.5. Using sports and games equipment requires permission from the staff on duty.
4.6. The operator assumes no responsibility for excessive wear on swimsuits because of frequent use of the slides and chutes.
4.7. The guest is responsible for any damage caused to the operator’s equipment by their actions.
4.8. The operator is not responsible for injuries and accidents caused by the visitor due to their own carelessness or failure to observe the visitors’ rules.
4.9. The chutes, slides and attractions for which are open for the visitors are to be used at own risk.
4.10. Every visitor is obliged to follow the instructions for the chutes and slides, as well as other notices and warnings posted in the premises of the complex. Current instructions, notices and warnings posted in the area take priority over general regulations.
4.11. In the case of bad weather, such as. rain, storm, strong winds, and if for technical reasons, the operator reserves the right to adjust the opening and closing time of the individual attractions and facilities located in the area (slides, chutes, pools, bars, cafeterias ...) for safety reasons. In the case of the above, the operator is not obliged to return the admission fee or otherwise compensate the visitor.
4.12. The operator is not responsible for lost and stolen items that were not kept in the designated places – the lockers at the entrance to the changing rooms.
4.13. A visitor may be excluded from the complex if they, despite warnings, violate the provisions of these visitors’ rules, the operating rules or repeatedly disobey the instructions of responsible staff of the complex, with no right to a refund of the entry fee.
4.14. Before entering the changing room, the visitor is obliged to take off their shoes and use footwear suitable for a swimming pool.

5. In the area of the wellness centre, Permon's Paradise at the Grand Hotel Permon and the wellness centre at the Hotel Pieris it is prohibited to:
5.1. smoke throughout the building.
5.2. bring in or use glass objects (including bottles).
5.3. use musical instruments, audio equipment, or televisions.
5.4. photograph or film strangers or groups of people without their consent. Photography and filming of the operator’s facilities is possible only with its prior consent.
5.5. use the sauna in bathing suits or other clothing. The sauna may be used only in the operator’s sheet or a clean sauna kilt.

Other rules:
5.5. Babies and young children must wear special swim nappies while bathing.
5.6. It is forbidden to behave noisily and run around the facility without proper shoes or flip flops (due to the danger of slipping and consequent injury).
5.8. It is prohibited without justification to call for help, to enter spaces not intended for the public, or changing rooms and showers of the opposite sex or parts of the complex, which are marked as off limits for safety and operational reasons.
5.9. It is forbidden to spit on the floor and into the water, to urinate into the pools, to dispose of rubbish outside the designated places or to dirty the premises.
5.10. It is forbidden to enter the swimming pool, water slide and slides with chewing gum, watches, jewellery and costume jewellery.
5.11. It is prohibited to make unauthorized use of rescue and first aid equipment.
5.12. It is forbidden to carry and use weapons and items of any kind that could result in personal injury or cause other harm.
5.13. It is forbidden to ask the employees for services that do not comply with operational activities and morality.

The visitors’ rules and regulations apply to general use of the facilities. The operator may allow exceptions, that are not in conflict with the law or beyond reasonable operating conditions.

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