Magical forest path

Wood is among one of the oldest and also the most commonly used materials in general, which of course is no exception here in the Tatras. Since ancient times, our forefathers knew its useful properties; they could use it to make things for everyday needs and those with aesthetic sensibilities could make their homes cosier with artistic ornaments.

On built path, which can be found under the ramp - on the right side under the entrance to the hotel, you will find a series of wooden statues of animal figures typical of the Tatra climate, specifically: chamois, bear, fox, wolf, lynx, marmot or snake.

The result of this wood art is almost unbelievably beautiful.
If a person is surrounded by beautiful countryside, there is no shortage of inspiration and ideas, which is nicely reflected in the results of their creation, which are the proof of this.
The master carver primarily worked with waste wood from poplar and fir. One statue weighs, depending on the size, from 40 to 150 kg. The production of one such timber treasure lasted about a week, which of course varies depending on the complexity and size of the statue.
And these are not just mere statues made of wood, this artistic creations not just from a piece of nature, but also from a piece of heart.
Don’t believe it? Come and see the animals in real life and take a photo with them as a souvenir. And if you've just left us, see the photos we have taken during our walks :).

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