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Classical relaxation massage

17 EUR / 25 EUR

Does your back hurt? Do you have a stiff neck? Do you suffer from cold fingers or toes? Your body needs a "classical relaxation massage", which is suitable for all tired people.

Hot Stone Massage "Drawing Energy”

20 EUR / 27 EUR

The magical power of lava stones is hidden in their origin. Basalt, beautifully smooth lava and gravel without cracks, can amazingly absorb and retain heat.

Honey Detoxification Massage – Miracle of Nature

20 EUR / 27 EUR

Folk healing has used honey since ancient times. The human body can easily process honey and it promotes the excretion of toxins through the skin.

Anti-cellulite Lymphatic Drainage "Women's Secret"

27 EUR

Anti-cellulite lymphatic drainage is your "women's secret" for a nicer figure.

Lymphatic Drainage of the Whole Body "Secret of Health"

51 EUR

Your slimming effect and reveals the "secret of health."

Foot Massage "Gentle Stimulation"

17 EUR

Let our masseurs gently relax your feet and “encourage” them to further action.

Relaxing Massage of the Face, Neck & Cleavage

12 EUR

Relieve the feeling of stress, loosening up stiff facial muscles and smooth over wrinkles...

Aroma Massage with Peeling "Rebirth"

20 EUR / 27 EUR

Involves a pleasant atmosphere and the fragrance of essential oils.

Yoghurt Massage "Yoghurt Caress"

20 EUR / 27 EUR

Vitamins, minerals, lactose and the trace elements which body yogurt contains, have a very favourable and positive effect on our skin.

Massage "Pregnancy" (massage for pregnant women)

10 EUR

The pregnancy massage is designed for future mothers to relax and relieve their aching, overloaded backs and legs.

Children’s Relaxation Massage (for children aged 10-15 years)

10 EUR

Let your children relax...

Lomi - Lomi Massage (Hawaiian massage)

28 EUR / 51 EUR

Lomi Lomi is a therapeutic massage is used to purify and to remedy the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Lomi - Lomi Massage (Hawaiian massage) + Lava stone "energizing"

51 EUR

Removes mental and physical blockages on this amazing Hawaiian massage.

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