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Kneipp Path

The miraculous healing power of water dates back to ancient times. The ancient Romans learnt spa techniques from the ancient Greeks. Successful and enjoyable hydrotherapy later disappeared and was long forgotten. In the 19th century, the priest Sebastian Kneipp used the healing power of hydrotherapy to treat various diseases. His alternating bathing of the feet in hot and cold water rediscovered balneology for modern times.

Effect: regenerative, strengthening of the immune system, stimulation, stimulation of blood circulation.
Indications: The circulation of blood to the lower extremities, stimulation of blood circulation and the reflex narrowing of cerebral blood vessels. The procedure works on headaches, migraine, vegetative disorders, circulatory disorders (cold feet), it is an excellent vein gymnastics at the beginning of varicose cases, contributes to the loosening up of ankles, leg joints, it is also suitable after accidents in that area.

Contraindications: suppurating skin diseases, fungal infections, infectious disease, open wounds, conditions after deep vein thrombosis, epilepsy, all acute attacks of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, bleeding conditions, mental illness, fever, febrile conditions relative contraindication age over 70 years.

Recommendation: "The Kneipp Path at 30 second intervals for five minutes will benefit your cardiovascular system and you will feel refreshed and full of energy.

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