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Prehistoric Infrared

The infrared sauna enables comfortable heating and circulation of the blood for people who can’t endure the high heat of a traditional dry sauna. The infrared rays do not tan, the thermal effect penetrates deep into the body, not just at the surface.

Effect: the use of infrared rays is suitable for improving blood circulation, skin purification, detoxification, removing cellulite, heating the body, stimulating healing processes and relaxation

Indications: It supports the acceleration of blood circulation, increases the elasticity of muscles - collagen tissue, reduced stiffness, reduces pain and speeds healing. The effect of infrared is also beneficial for hypertensive patients. Losing weight by elimination of fat. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, relieves clogged pores, aids skin elasticity. Overall relaxation, helps to reduce asthma, respiratory allergies and inflammation, sore teeth and gums, swelling.

Contraindications: all acute medical conditions, increased activity of the thyroid gland, bleeding diseases, conditions following phlebitis, epilepsy, infectious diseases, hypertension, uncompensated diabetes mellitus, malignant tumours, epilepsy, non-healing skin defects of any origin, all acute attacks of chronic disease, decompensation of chronic diseases , infectious, transmissible, parasitic diseases, active tuberculosis, bleeding conditions, psychiatric disorders, fever, febrile conditions, general atherosclerosis with organ damage, diseases of endocrine glands, glucocorticoid therapy (hyperthyreosis), cancers (malignant tumours) , conditions after a heart attack and stroke (after medical examination without complications for three months), all diseases of the heart and blood vessels after consultation with medical specialists, relative contraindication age over 70 years. In the case of taking medication, acute injuries, inflammation, pregnancy, acute cardiovascular disease, silicone implants we recommend consulting a doctor

Recommendation: Repeating the procedure and the length of the procedure should be considered based on feelings in the sauna


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