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Wild River

Let’s drift along with the flow of water in the pool, which will be pleasantly carry you away from the worries of everyday life. The movement of water is beneficial to health and the forced movement of the water flow causes subconscious reactions in the body. The muscles are tightened and a person unconsciously strengthens their physique. The depth of the “wild river” is 120 cm.

Effects: releasing, relaxing, energizing, regenerating

Indications: blood circulation throughout the body, mental relaxation, the carrying flow of water produces a pleasant feeling from the floating of the body and at the same time happiness

Contraindications: suppurating skin diseases, fungal infections, infectious diseases, signs of circulatory failure, epilepsy, infections, acute febrile diseases, conditions after deep vein thrombosis, cancers, urinary and faecal incontinence, pregnancy, all acute attacks of chronic diseases

Recommendation: Relaxation in the jacuzzi is good to combine with a massage from a professional masseur for perfect relaxation of the whole body

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