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Herbal Inhalation

The combination of three medicinal herbs with magical effects. Chamomile is a humble flower whose constituents are extremely beneficial therapeutically. Wrap yourself in soft chamomile scents, the fragrances of childhood and home, smell the queen of the medicinal plants. This is the main inhalation curative treatment for headaches, insomnia and agitation. It works very well with female problems. Thymus vulgaris was the plant popular Roman baths among men who used it to get physical strength. Rosemary was a temple plant and is often mentioned in connection with love and improving mood. Inhalation cures flu and cough, improves concentration and mental abilities and is used against nervous exhaustion.

Effect: regenerative, detoxifying, strengthening the immune system, stimulant.

Indications: Medicinal herbs are used for the treatment and disinfection of the airways, have health-giving effects on human skin, counteract physical fatigue and headaches. Inhalation in a relaxed atmosphere has calming effects.

Contraindications: suppurating skin diseases, fungal infections, infectious diseases, all diseases in the acute stage, hypertension and signs of circulatory failure, conditions after deep vein thrombosis, cancers, decompensated diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, incontinence of urine and faeces, all the acute attacks of chronic disease, decompensation of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, active tuberculosis, bleeding conditions, psychiatric disorders, fever, febrile conditions, pregnancy, relative contraindication age of 70 years.

Recommendation: Inhalations have a significant therapeutic effect. Within 15 minutes, breathe through your nose, shallowly to begin with, then deepen your breaths.

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