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Permon´s Paradise

SAUNA Paradise - 33 attractions

Herbal Inhalation

The combination of three medicinal herbs with magical effects. 

Ice Refreshment

After a hot procedure it is a good idea to cool the body with an intense full body massage with ice...

Kneipp Path

The miraculous healing power of water...

Roman Steam Bath

Enter the atmosphere of the ancient Roman baths and allow the clean steam to operate on the skin all over your body.

Tatra Shower

Let your body be massaged by the force of the "Tatra Shower", which after the sauna or the inhalation procedure will cool you like a pure mountain stream.

Eucalyptus Inhalation

Beneficial effect on respiratory diseases, regeneration, revitalization...

Vital Rain

During the sauna it comfortably cleanses you, refreshes you and encourages you to explore other corners of the world of the Sauna Paradise.

Finnish sauna

The sauna will relax tired muscles and the body will release endorphins and also provide relaxation for a stressed brain.

Bath of Courage

Help your skin be circulated...

Ice Shower

Refresh your heated body with this great way...

Bear’s Den

Relax in this cozy den...


Cooling off in the open air with a stream of fresh cool water after leaving the sauna is the traditional method of how to strengthen health and start up the body to deal with everyday challenges successfully.

Salt Cave

Relax in a comfortable environment and imagine that you are lying on a sun-heated beach by the healing Dead Sea.

Mint Inhalation

A pleasant rest on the heated marble in a cloud of steam with the possibility of simultaneously refreshing yourself in the water running from a gilded fountain is one of the traditional benefits of the cleansing and health treatments of the Turkish Hammam, the popularity and benefits of which continue to this day.

Trout Bath

Sit on the wooden steps and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Tatra forest or refresh your body with clean water from the lake.

Shepherd’s Room

Stop for a while a refresh your mind in shepherd´s room.

Moody Water

Hydromassage bathtub placed in the open air, where you can spend romantic moments as a couple or just let yourself be massaged by the jet of hot water while looking at the magical scenery of the Tatras.

Spring under Mount Kriváň

Discover again the taste of pure spring water.


Relaxation area with heated loungers, where you will know right relaxation...

Marmot Meadow

Our modern Finnish sauna, which has beneficial effects on human health.

Soul of Water

Try the exotic scent of Ylang Ylang combined with eucalyptus and English Black Mitcham mint in our newly renovated fitness facility.

Prehistoric Infrared

Are you a person who can’t endure the high heat of a traditional dry sauna? Just for you there is an INFRASAUNA.

Massage Chairs

Lie down, relax and enjoy the comfortable feeling of a massaging jet of hot water.

Wild River

Let’s drift along with the flow of water in the pool, which will be pleasantly carry you away from the worries of everyday life.

Steam Shower

Cools and pleasantly refresh your hot body.

Massage Fountain

An interesting fountain directly in the pool of the “wild river”.

Bubble Bath

Pleasant massage with bubbles of compressed air, rising from the bottom of the bath.


The foxhole sauna with the scent of green mandarin orange and spearmint enables you to relax pleasantly, soothes your nervous system, clears the respiratory system and has an anti-inflammatory effect. ​​​​​​​

Bubble Baths

Stop the time for a while and enjoy the time with your love.

Relaxation Zone

Pleasant views can be enjoyed from the comfort of our newly opened relaxation zone.

Otter’s Den

Enjoy the natural sauna from the northern spruce and let yourself be relaxed.

Terrace on the Lake

Enjoy the combination of the elements of the sun and water in comfortable sofas and comfortable loungers.

Eagle's Perch

Enjoy a relaxing feeling of warmth and relieve stress at the watching rotting wood.

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