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Permon´s Paradise

Sauna Paradise

Go to the Sauna Paradise at the Grand Hotel Permon **** and feel the excellence of this unique complex of saunas, water and steam baths with only natural substances that will guarantee a unique natural treatment. The Sauna Paradise is a harmonious combination of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy, where the opposites of cold and heat stand out, there is clean air saturated with fragrance, there is synergy of shapes and colours, quiet and pleasant music.

Sauna Paradise - a unique complex of more than 30 attractions over an area of 1620 m2. The largest hotel sauna paradise in Slovakia.
TEXTILE-FREE zone (bathing suits are not permitted).

Discover the map of the wellness complex ...

Hydrotherapy is a treatment using water in any of its physical states (ice, liquid, vapour). It uses the unique physical and chemical properties of water, the bearer of life on earth. Water treatment was discovered in prehistoric times by our ancestors independently on every continent. Try steam baths, subaqueous massage, bubble bath, Scottish shower, massage with ice, health-giving alternation of hot and cold water or build your resistance in ice-cold water.

Aromatherapy is a natural treatment utilizing vegetable oils, which are extracted from medicinal plants. These substances carry scent and have healing properties, which were used by all ancient civilizations. The Sauna Paradise uses only natural-type essential oils from Hanus. These are essential oils of the highest quality, collected only using traditional methods and imported from the best production areas around the world. Enjoy the expert-designed aromatherapy relaxation and genuine inhalation therapy.

Immerse yourself in the pleasant atmosphere of the Sauna Paradise complex.
The combination of the healing effects of the saunas and baths in harmony with nature creates a unique atmosphere. Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy are centuries-old proven ways to find the rest and regeneration you need to relax and replenish your energy. The Sauna Paradise complex will delight your senses and enable you to enjoy undisturbed relaxation.

Enjoy the sauna to the fullest! We are the first in Slovakia to offer visitors wellness centre sauna rituals, sometimes also called sauna ceremonies or sauna shows. In central Europe, this has been the latest thing over the last few years. What do you think this phrase means? This means making the sauna more varied with an experienced expert generally involving wiping the skin with various products beneficial to the body. You can look forward to a sauna ceremony on the selected dates.


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