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Permon´s Paradise

Pool world

A water paradise for children and adults, that’s the Aqua Paradise at the Grand Hotel Permon **** with an area of 946 m2. Aqua is water, water is health ...

Plunge into the pool (25 x 12 m) with a spectacular reflection of Mount Kriváň on the surface. A relaxing atmosphere is created by the bubble pool with a soft backlight, and foot and body massage jets or the water spout. Will enhance the pleasure of the water 63 m long water slide with luminous pictures and large slide with a separate landing pool. Tune your senses to rest and take a break in the relaxing jacuzzi with a unique view of the majestic Mount Kriváň. Aqua Paradise, a place full of water, happiness and well-being.

Pool with a view of Mount Kriváň
Before breakfast do you enjoy the freshness of morning water? Exclusively from 7.00 to 10.00 the pool (25 x 12 metres) with a gradually sloping depth of 1.2 m to 1.9 m is open for you as a swimming pool. After the water attractions get going, the swimming pool will surprise you with a world of relaxation. Two large water spouts massage the back, the bubbles located at the bottom of the pool will pleasantly “tickle” the feet and the body massage jets under the water will massage your feet. The large bubble pools with coloured lighting are also suitable for non-swimmers, since the water depth next to the massage nozzles is from 1.2 m to 1.4 m. The water temperature is 30 °C, therefore it is suitable both for swimming and to enjoy the bubble pools and water jets. When you are pleasantly tired of swimming, you can enjoy relaxing on the sun loungers located around the pool. 

 "Movie" Chute
It’s not only children who will enjoy this 63 m long water slide, which will catch everyone’s eyes with its graphic design on the inside. The landing pool will stand you straight up on your feet. The water in the landing pool is a pleasant 30 °C, so you won’t get an unpleasant surprise as you fall into cold water. Let your adrenaline levels rise and go wild on this chute. It will put a smile on your face and in less than a minute the adrenaline will turn to endorphins and give you a feeling of happiness. Try it once and you will find that once is not enough ...

Wide Slide
The wide slide will delight both children and adults. The 10-metre width of the slides makes it a really “wide” slide, therefore there is room for everyone to have fun on it. Your children will not be trembling from cold water, because the landing pool is 30 °C.

Jacuzzi for 12 people
Relax looking at Mount Kriváň in a 12-seater jacuzzi next to the pool. The massage jets with bubbles will loosen you up, you will nicely relax and lose your fatigue. Let yourself be massaged by a jet of hot water in the comfortable environment of the Aqua Paradise with its stunning panoramic views of the Tatra forests.

Infrared Sauna
After swimming, you can relax in the infrared sauna, which will pleasantly warm your body and loosen you up. Relaxation at the pool enables you to make your time at the Aqua Paradise more pleasant.

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