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Wellness Pieris

Do you want to really pleasantly relax, and forget about everyday worries and recharge?

If you are staying at the Hotel Pieris, feel free to visit Wellness Pieris. In one place you will find all you need during your stay for two to relax after a hard day. To stimulate the senses there are the best Finnish, steam and also infrared saunas. The intense feeling of pleasure and beneficial relaxation is provided by aromatherapy, which you can experience in the eucalyptus steam room. Wellness Pieris is available only for guests of the Hotel Pieris.

Within WELLNESS Pieris you will find:

•    Relaxation pool - There are massage jets and a waterfall
Size of swimming pool 7.90 x 3.20 m 1.20 m with a depth that is ideal for the regeneration of the body and resting at 33 C. The warm water has a positive effect on the whole body, it dilates the blood vessels and promotes blood flow to the most distant parts of the body, thereby reducing the pressure on the heart.

•    Bubble Bath - with a temperature of 35 °C this is perfect for a romantic moment with your friends, which you will long remember. Every bath in the bubble bath reduces inflammatory processes and eliminates pain in the joints and head and helps fast recovery from muscle pain. The jacuzzis include water jets for pleasant relaxation. The hot water stimulates your muscles while you relax. The increasing pressure eliminates the accumulated tension in the body.

•    Relaxation Chairs - right after the sauna you can relax in a quiet area near the pool on the loungers

•    Infrared Sauna – it emits only light beneficial to health and conversely it excludes harmful light. It ensures deeper and more effective heating. Compared with a traditional sauna a person will excrete at least twice the amount of sweat at a lower temperature, with a lower burden on the heart. The air inhaled air is pleasant, it can be controlled, the desired effect is achieved even when the door is open.

•    Eucalyptus steam room - eucalyptus is one of the most popular scents in steam saunas. Breathe only what nature itself has created. The eucalyptus tree has the most powerful effect on complete airway management. It cools in the summer and warms in winter. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibiotic and deodorizing effects.

•    The classic Finnish sauna - it is said a person is most beautiful during the hour after the sauna. The intense sweating cleans the skin and promotes the formation of new skin cells. The heat accelerates the blood flow and increases the proportion of oxygen in the tissues. It smooths out the wrinkles, the skin is radiant like a freshly polished apple and it looks younger. The sauna itself is actually a great cosmetic cure.

•    Spa - it offers a variety of relaxing treatments for the total relaxation of the body and enhancement of health. You can talk with our expert wellness staff about all procedures and their effects. If you are interested in wellness treatments at Pieris we recommend you order in advance.


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