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Kids` Corner and Playground

Furry toys, cars, pedal cars, ball pool slide, kitchenette, doll`s house, kids` cinema for fairytales and a variety of games with friends is the ideal way to keep kids happy at Grand hotel Permon**** on the 6th floor.

For the young clientele there is this magical world of 278,50 m² - a kids` corner of 160 m², 3D cinema on 23,5 m² and 95 m² large games room for children.

THere the littlest ones will find everything they need for carefree fun. The colourful ball pool slide, doll`s house or cute kitchenette will bring a smile to their little faces. For older children there is an X-box with games for all ages, a 3D cinema and TEEN Zone where they can have fun with the F1 Racing Simulator on two X-box Kiosks. The kids` corner is not only a world full of games and great toys for the tiniest little „rascals“ or bigger “scoundrels”  ...we have much more...
Grand hotel Permon**** is a FAMILY hotel in the Tatras which surprises and delightssmiley

All children, big or small, love having fun outside in the fresh air. This children`s playground set in the midst of the High Tatras ensures healthy and playful fun.

The enormous children`s trampoline, Permonka boat, little wooden house with slide, climbing net or „mini" climbing wall, also the popular children`s rope cable are the basis of the children`s playground.

You can also combine the pleasant and useful by joining the children in feeding the fish in the hotel pond, savour the fresh mountain air and aromatic smell of the forest, the peace and quiet of the mountains and a walk along the transparent Belá River.