Perfection of Essences in the Sauna Paradise...

Have you ever said to yourself in the sauna paradise that you would like to have one of the scents at home?
Yes, the natural scents that we use are really unique, they can turn almost every house into a home. The perfection of our sauna world is not only down to its size but also the quality and quantity of essences used from our supplier, Hanus. But what is it about “our fragrances” that is so special and where do they come from?

At the Sauna Paradise at the Grand Hotel Permon **** we do not use perfume substitutes, commonly applied in other sauna worlds. We realize that not only we, but also our guests expect genuine contact with nature and, therefore, we use only natural essential oils from a single, high quality, supplier.

Have you heard of the Hanus brand? You must have herd something. It is a Slovak company that has produced high quality herbal products, teas, tea mixes and essential oils at aromatherapy quality level for over 25 years. All the company's products are subject to Hanus’ continuous pharmaceutical control and are manufactured according to the strictest criteria for the production of essential oils.

According to the founders of Hanus, the aromatization at the Sauna Paradise at the Grand Hotel Permon **** is based on the most beautiful combination of pharmaceutical education and love of the scents of the plant world. The essential oils are mixed in ratios based on recipes, exclusively used in the Sauna Paradise since 2003. They are mixed by the manufacturer, then transported and dosed using aerosol nozzles into the fresh air of the particular sauna area. All this while they maintain all their active ingredients at concentrations significantly higher than in a conventional sauna world, a concentration that is necessary for genuine aromatherapeutic inhalation.

And can you imagine how many litres of essential oil are consumed over one weekend in our Sauna Paradise?
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For you to really rest in the sauna and experience the ultimate feeling of relaxation it is necessary for the sauna to be constantly heated and for the specially assembled devices to be filled with essential oil by the team of employees.
And how much essence do we consume?
If the oil applied was packaged in the standard 10 ml vials you know, then we would consume 217 vials (so 2.17 litres) per day.

Buy your favourite essential oil in our sports shop on the 3rd floor. It will evoke your memories of your great holiday, when you experienced this “magical place of rest and health”, at the Grand Hotel Permon ****.

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