“Podbanské Ski Resort - an ideal place for families” true or false?

Have you heard that Podbanské Ski Resort is now open to skiers? No? In that case, wax your skis!
This picturesque ski resort is very near the Grand Hotel Permon ****, Hotel Pieris *** and also in reach of the 2 satellite buildings – the stylish Pinius and Permoník chalets.

There is no need to worry about transportation in the freezing Tatra winter or about scraping snow from the windows of your car, because the resort is just a few minutes’ walk away. What to expect from the slopes? They are gentle and there are also 2 ski lifts, ideal for beginners and small children. Neither you as parents nor they need to worry that they will be discouraged by steep sections they cannot handle. Most importantly, the slope is not made dangerous by fast, reckless skiers. On the contrary, this is a place of peace and the joy of skiing. There is also a popular instructor with a personal touch, and you can also hire ski equipment, including snowboards. Yes, that’s right, there is nothing you need to bring with you, we can provide everything.

And what about the ski-lift prices? In a word they are great. Hotel guests can buy a pass for 8 euros (children under 12 years for 4 euros) for 3 hours, which is plenty for a smaller child at least from the beginning. Why? For them not to be too tired and discouraged from skiing on the other days and also for them to have time for a rest in the afternoon :). For passionate skiers, there is also an all-day ticket for 10 euros (5 euros per child), with which you can enjoy skiing to the full.
What about good snow conditions? At those times there is also a 3rd lift in operation, which is suitable for more advanced skiers since the beginning of the slope is steeper, but at the end it is moderate. In the opposite case, since we don’t have artificial snow, you can come and warm yourself at the Permon's Paradise wellness complex.
And what about people who are don’t ski or snowboard? For those people there is an area of the slope reserved for sledging. So, skiers and non-skiers are both welcome :).
We will look forward to welcoming you during the winter season, every day from 08:45 to 16:00. We are waiting for you :)


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