The beneficial effects of saunas or how to prevent colds

The hot summer days, even an Indian summer, are sadly now behind us and the season of colds has officially started. How can we avoid them successfully?

It's not just about a quick cure of the disease, but rather preventing the cold from having the opportunity to infect us.

We present some really proven valuable advice on how to avoid spending the autumn holidays in bed.

Why do I underline the word “correct”? Because apart from bringing your body and soul into harmony and equilibrium, a sauna helps your heart, skin, immune system and amazingly for women, it is also said to be the fountain of youth! :)

The more we use the sauna, the less likely we are to become infected with viruses that cause the common cold, typical of the cooler autumn weather. We can see ourselves that we are tired and sneezing are not able to concentrate on our work or family. And when the illness has already come, it’s too late, because there is no medicine that will cure us then. We always “lose” a few days at home under the duvet with a box of tissues. Austrian researchers, however, found that regular use of a sauna has a preventive effect. In simple terms, it serves as a very good prevention against colds. Research was conducted on two groups of people, one group of people had to stop using the sauna completely for six months, the other group had to use the sauna often and long. The research showed that the group that used the sauna suffered from less than half the colds as the group which never used the sauna. This was a significantly lower number of colds, especially in the last 3 months of research. Alternating high heat and the low temperatures of the plunge pools or showers, hardens us and stimulates our defences. With the (recommended) longer stays in the sauna (15-20 minutes) the body produces an artificial fever, which helps to remove toxins through the skin. That’s not all. The skin pores that release the heat also widen, contributing to smooth and silky skin. It is not suitable for everyone, however. Saunas are strictly prohibited for patients with kidney disease, epileptics, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, or women during pregnancy. If you are just starting out with saunas, do not do it more than once a week and don’t sit on the highest bench. The ideal way is to sit with your legs up. because in a typical seated position there is a large temperature difference between the head and feet. At the end of the sauna it is necessary to cool down, replace fluids and subsequently spend relaxation time in a quiet room. The entire visit to the sauna should last at least 90 minutes.

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So, don’t get ill, go to the sauna! :)

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