Path of the Owl Guards

So, you have completed our magical forest path full of wooden statues of animal figures typical of the Tatra climate?
Now it's time for another.
Come and meet the owls that can be found on the newly prepared path behind our stylish bike hire place, to the right from the car park. (in the direction away from the Grand Hotel Permon ****).

What makes it so unusual? You have to experience it yourself.
It is not just an ordinary “walking” trail ... as soon as you get on it, you realize that the feeling from it is truly magical. It’s not just that along the length of the trail you will be charmed by beautiful owls carved from wood, there is also a calm atmosphere predominating there, returning you the energy you have lost in the ordinary troubles of life. The only thing to do is to stop, sit down on the bench, breathe the fresh air of the Tatras and listen to the birds singing and see how autumn is gradually on its way.
When you have had enough calm, from the Owl Path you can easily get to the running path with a slight elevation change, which is 1.3 km long.
If you get hungry on your walk, this track for more or less active runners will take you up to the Koliba Restaurant at the Permoník Chalet, where you can get traditional Slovak food just like how our grandmothers used to cook it.
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