Tips for trips around Podbanské resort

If you are a person who does not want to miss a trip into the enchanting Slovak nature, you definitely should not miss a visit to Podbanské and the surrounding area. Within a radius of 15 km you will find a large number of stops for active tourists, history lovers, explorers, but also for people who just want to relax comfortably in the embrace of nature.


The first and largest attraction we present is one of the highest peaks of the High Tatras, the majestic Mount Kriváň. This peak with its iconic silhouette, is considered a symbol of Slovak national pride and it is just 7.5 km from Podbanské. Although it may seem a challenging hike, the unforgettable view of the Liptov basin is worth it. The most common starting point for climbing Mount Kriváň is the bus stop at Tri Studničky and following the green sign to Krivánsky Žľab where the trail joins the blue one and leads to the very top. If you are concerned about the hike, take a guide - we will be pleased to arrange a mountain guide who not only knows the route perfectly, but can discuss interesting facts about the area and nature of the Tatras. After the challenging hike the best thing will be to relax perfectly in our unique wellness world, Permon’s Paradise.

History enthusiasts will enjoy the nearby Museum of the Liptov Village in Pribylina. The fairy-tale castle and church, which you can find on the site, along with the entire village, make this an interesting area where you can feel the atmosphere of tradition at every turn. The preserved heritage of our ancestors is attractive not only to adults but also to children. The museum even offers the possibility of seeing the exhibition on the forest railway, which once ran from Liptovský Hrádok. Throughout the year, many events are held where the locals show visitors the life of previous generations while bringing forgotten traditional crafts back to life.

Another interesting museum is the Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology in Liptovský Mikuláš, which is divided into two attractive exhibitions over a total area of 1400 m2. 

Take your kids along bear tracks into the Važecká Cave. Because the cave tour takes only 30 minutes, you do not need to worry that your children will get so much information that they get bored. Although Važecká Cave is not a big cave, it is rich in natural phenomena such as small ponds, stalactite decoration and the most importantly and interestingly, the discoveries of cave bear bones. Entering the cave is not difficult and the whole tour is safe.

While exploring the countryside around Podbanské do not miss the highest Slovak waterfall, whose cascades are 80 metres high. Kmeťov Waterfall is created by the Nefcerka Stream, over which there is a fairy-tale wooden bridge. The whole scene is straight out of a romantic film and the bridge adds to the overall impression of a unique atmosphere. Since the cascade of the waterfall creates a slight arch, on the left bank of the river there is a viewing platform so visitors have the opportunity to see the waterfall at full size.


Other water features in the area that are worth visiting include Štrbské Pleso tarn. Although in spring you cannot walk across it in the same way as you can in winter, you can hire a small boat and traverse it that way. The path around the lake is just over 2 km and it is worth doing all of it. The walk is not difficult, so every member of your family will be able to do it, regardless of age.

Have you heard of the mythical realm of “Aghartha”? You can find this mythical underground realm in Liptov, and it currently contains 4 countries. Liptovský Ján is the headquarters of Mincovníčkovo (underground below the towers) where you can learn all about the art of minters, engravers, casters, smiths, metallurgists and colliers and look into their workshops or directly into the ground where the story of metal begins. In the Žiarska Valley you can visit the country of miners named after its patron - St. Barbara (at Medvedia Štôlňa). It is inhabited by mining dwarves who guarded this underground place along with its treasures. You can experience a cave with real atmosphere with a headlamp on your head in the Jánska Valley – this is Netopierkovo (Stanišovská Cave). Here you can meet the bats that fly in the dark labyrinth of passageways. The fourth country is our own Permoníkovo (the Grand Hotel Permon ****) where, thanks to the superb wellness and spa procedures, the body loses all its fatigue. Here they use various steams, natural fragrances from natural essential oils, stones, ice water and fire and hot air, and a nice bubble bath. This is ideal in the evening after a day-long trip. When you visit all four attractions, you can get a unique Aghartha commemorative coin.


There are many trips offered by the West and the High Tatras, the popular Liptov or the Low Tatras. The surroundings and the ideal central location of Podbanské offers visitors countless possibilities for where to take their family, partner or friends. The pristine nature attracts tourists from all over Slovakia and the world who are looking for a virgin paradise with impeccable service and comfort. Come and visit us yourself and you will discover the best place to turn off.

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