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Fresh mountain air, exercise and exploring the beauty of Slovakia’s unique natural environment. All this is included in the word hiking. The resort of Podbanské is on a crossroads and it is the starting point for hiking trails. The surroundings offer visitors a unique range of leisure activities throughout the year. Active hikers will find a trail that suits them, while there are also walking trails for less proficient hikers.

For active hikers we recommend:

- the resort of Podbanské is crossed by the important long distance red route, the “Tatra Way”, along which one can go either to the tarn known as Štrbské Pleso, or on the opposite side to Račková Valley (2 hours) Žiarska Valley (4 hours) or to the mouth of Jalovecká Valley (6 hours)
 - directly from the resort there is the yellow-marked paths to the end of Tichá Valley (literally “Quiet Valley”), where you can go to Mount Kasprov on the border (1985 m - 6 hours) or go across the Závory pass (1876 m - 5 hours 30 min. ) to the end of Kôprová Valley.
- the green marked trails take you to the end of Kôprová valley, with a branch to the Kmeťov waterfall (3 hours) or go through the Kôprovské pass and along the Mengusovská Valley up to the Popradské Pleso and Štrbské Pleso tarns (10 hours).
- the blue marked trail, which leads to the end of the Kamenistá Valley at the Pyšné Pass with the possibility of an ascent of Mount Bystrá - the highest peak in the Western Tatras (2248 m)
- the most popular trail is the green one, leading to the top of Mount Kriváň (2494 m) either directly from the resort (5 hours) or from the 7 km distant Tri Studničky (3 hours 30 min.)

For the less active tourists we recommend:

The crossroads in Tichá Valley: follow the paved road leading to the hotel as it winds down towards a wooden footbridge over the River Bela and in the valley follow the forest asphalt road until you come to the crossroads in Tichá Valley (45 min.) You return the same way.
Kamenistý Stream: The blue marked trail will lead you to the bridge over Kamenistý Stream. Before the footbridge, turn onto the unmarked path heading downstream until you reach the next footbridge. Then follow the red marked “Tatra Way“ to return to the resort (45 min.)
Kokavský Bridge: Follow the national road towards Štrbské Pleso and after 100 metres, turn right onto the unpaved forest road, which leads you through the woods and meadows to Kokavský Bridge. After crossing the bridge, return to the resort on the other side of the river (1 hr. 30 min.)
Nadbanské: Follow the winding road towards the hotel and turn right on the wooden footbridge over the River Bela. in the valley turn right and after about 200 metres you come to the “Cow Path”, along which you reach the hamlet of Nadbanské. You can return by the same route or on the national road (30 min.)
Around Podbanské: Follow the marked trails to the crossroads at the Hotel Pieris ***. From there go towards the Podbanské ski lift, pass through the woods next to the slopes, from where you continue through the forest to the paved road to the Grand Hotel Permon ****, from the hotel you follow the River Bela through the forest.

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