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Rooms and Suites

Premium Single

1 night 118 €

Stylish Single Premium room.

Premium Kriváň Single Room

1 night 124 €

Elegantná izba s výhľadom na Kriváň.

Superior Double Room

1 night 122 €

Elegance room, oriented towards the car park.

Superior Kriváň Double Room

1 night 128 €

The room orientated towards the Tatras’ Mount Kriváň.

Deluxe Kriváň Double Room

1 night 144 €

View of the Tatra nature and the majestic summit of Mount Kriváň.

Deluxe Family Double Room

1 night 144 €

Comfortable accommodation ideal for a family.

Premium Double Room /Premium Mini

1 night 152 €

Comfortable accommodation with views of the Low Tatras.

Premium Plus Double Room

1 night 156 €

Premium PLUS room is ideal for family with baby.

Premium Kriváň Double Room /Premium Kriváň Mini

1 night 158 €

Stylish accommodation with a natural mountain design and views of the Tatra Mount Kriváň.

Premium Kriváň Plus Double Room

1 night 162 €

Modern room stylish furnished with an attractive design.

Deluxe Premium Double Room

1 night 166 €

Room with beautiful terrace and view of the Tatra Mountains and the Tatra countryside.

Deluxe Suite

1 night 184 €

Deluxe Suite This is a modern suite with a spacious living room and elegant furnishings.

Deluxe Kriváň Suite

1 night 192 €

Deluxe Kriváň Suite is a spacious suite with a living room and a loft sleeping area, which has a double bed and an extra bed. 

Deluxe Premium Suite

1 night 202 €

 Comfortable accommodation in a suite with quality furnishings.

Premium Kriváň Suite

1 night 212 €

An elegant suite, which is prepared with a nice combination of wood and stone and offers maximum comfort.

Deluxe Family Suite

1 night 218 €

The largest suite with 2 bedrooms and 1 spacious living room.

Make yourself at home. Or even better. At the Grand Hotel Permon **** there are 138 comfortable rooms - single, double, family, including 13 spacious suites (with two fixed beds and extra beds). All rooms have a bathroom, toilet, TV/LCD, radio, telephone, safe and minibar with a refrigerator to ensure an undisturbed stay and comfort. From the Superior rooms you can see the Low Tatras, while the Superior Kriváň and Deluxe Kriváň rooms have a view of Mount Kriváň. In the Premium rooms you can enjoy the attractive design in a natural style (wood, leather, stone), the Premium Kriváň rooms offer views of that majestic Tatra peak.

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