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Sport activities

There are endless possibilities for all sports lovers for an active lifestyle around the village of Podbanské. 

    plunge into the pool (25 x 12 m) with a swimming lane mirroring Kriváň on the surface. The swimming pool (25 x 12 m) with a gradual sloping depth from 1,2 m to 1,9 m is open for you from 7:00 to 10:00. After switching on the water attractions the pool will surprise you with its water world. Two large water spouts will massage your back, the pearls at the bottom of the pool will gently tickle your feet and body massage jets under the surface will massage your legs. Non-swimmers can try the large pearls in different light shades, as the massage jets are at a depth of 1,2 m to 1,4 m. The water temperature is 30 °C, therefore it is suitable for both swimming and enjoying the water jets that do not interfere with the two designated swimming lanes. This water world for children and adults is at Grand hotel Permon****. 

    - fitness, meaning sports activities and lifestyle which aim to improve physical condition, physical ability, posture, figure etc. at the same time acts to boost health and develop strength. Apart from traditional weights, specialized equipment, treadmill etc. which is commonly available in a gym, is used. The cosy, fully-equipped and functional fitness centre can be found on the 3rd floor of Grand hotel Permon****.
    - people often associate bowling with 10 pin bowling as we know mainly from America. Historically, however, it is one of the classical bowling sports and it was only later that „Tenpin bowling" became a separate branch. All bowling sports have the same principle: to overturn as many pins as possible with the ball. Bowling as a classical sport is played in nine rounds and is quite a widespread indoor sports. In a way it has become sport for the masses but also a recreational sport. Grand hotel Permon**** has a two-lane bowling alley on the 1st floor.
    - also known also as a „white sport", it is played by 2 or 4 players. This French game, which probably originated in the 11th or 12th century as jeu de paume (translated to mean a game of the hands) is considered to have been the predecessor of tennis. In 1873 Major Walter Clopton Wingfield of the British Army patented the game as spharistike.
    The game spread from England to the USA. One of the most significant moments in international tennis was the establishment of the Wimbledon International Tournament in England in 1877. You can play this globally popular game at Grand hotel Permon****. There are 2 tennis courts on the premises, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the High Tatras.
    table tennis or ping-pong is a game where the player tries to hit the ball over the net on a special table in such a way as to make the return shot difficult or impossible for the opponent. It is one of the fastest sports in the world where the player learns to read the game situation and decide instantly on the best way of continuing. Table tennis is an individual sport played in special halls, but also in normal indoor halls where tables can be spaced out. This undemanding game can be played by children or adults, men and women. At Grand hotel Permon**** there are two ping-pong tables on the 1st floor.
    - a sports game played with a special stick, a cue, with which the player strikes special balls, called billiard balls, on a special table covered with a green cloth, called a billiards table. The game does not require much movement, but great skill, flexibility and accuracy. It teaches self-discipline, imagination and tenacity. In the United Kingdom the word billiard only describes English billiards, in the USA sometimes only a certain group of billiard games. At Grand hotel Permon**** you can find billiard tables on the 7th floor in the Day bar and on the 4th floor in the Night bar, where you can play anytime you want.
    - a game where small darts are thrown at a target placed on a wall. In each round three darts are thrown, while one round is counted after the third dart is thrown. Rounds are repeated until some of the players do not fulfill the conditions of the game and lose. A win is called a leg and the whole game may consist of numerous legs. Enjoy time with your friends by playing this popular collective game. You can play darts at Grand hotel Permon**** on the 4th floor in the Night bar and on the 1st floor in the Bowling Alley.