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Family hotel - Grand hotel Permon****

A family holiday is the escape from everyday reality that people log for. To escape into a world of relaxation and undisturbed well-being. However, every member of the family has a different idea of how to spend the perfect holiday. Young children want to experience unforgettable adventures and make new friends. Teenagers crave entertainment and extreme sports. Parents enjoy the moments that help them forget about their obligations and enjoy moments together in the presence of their relatives. Podbanské Resort is unique in that it is able to meet all these needs. 

Podbanské Resort offers limitless possibilities to fully enjoy your family holiday or weekend stay. Here you will find what you have been missing in today's busy world. The resort is located in the heart of the Tatras and has an amazing atmosphere. The view of Mount Kriváň and the beautiful environment enchant you at first sight. The location of the Podbanské Resort complex guarantees relaxation, including active relaxation, because in the summer you can discover the rich network of hiking and biking trails close by, and in winter you can enjoy skiing, cross country skiing and sledding. The pleasant mountain air will also tire out your kids. Podbanské Resort is not only a hotel surrounded by nature. The complex can offer a variety of services and provide them at the same time in one place. You do not have to compromise.

At Podbanské Resort, every member of the family can do exactly what they want. An ideal place to stay is the popular family hotel, the Grand Hotel Permon **** with its beautiful water world for children and an attractive outdoor playground. The hotel’s unique children's area offers a variety of toys, an entertaining children’s programme and themed events. The children’s stay is made more pleasant by nice mascots, the Permoníci dwarves. The stars of the complex are the talking parrots.
If you prefer accommodation with a private atmosphere, we recommend the exclusive Pinius building at the Grand Hotel Permon ****, offering three stylish apartments and a spacious chalet.

Podbanské is a “Baby Friendly” complex. During a family holiday, you no longer have to choose between a place with services and activities more suitable for adults or a place more suitable for children. The Podbanské Resort complex in the Tatras meets the expectations and needs of all family members.

The Grand Hotel Permon **** is a popular and sought-after family hotel with the award “Child and Family-Friendly Facility”.

For your comfort during your stay with children, will be happy to provide upon request:

•    loan of a cot
•    loan of children's bathrobes
•    loan of baby baths
•    loan of child seats for the toilet and potties
•    loan of a kettle
•    access to the kitchen by the children's area

For children, the Grand Hotel Permon **** has:

•    children's playground and 3D cinema (6th floor)
•    playground (entrance from the 1st floor)
•    children's pool with attractions (3rd floor)
•    children's chairs in the restaurant (7th floor)
•    baby-changing facilities (6th floor and 3rd floor)
•    babysitting for a fee (through an external company, please inform us of your interest in babysitting when booking your stay or at least 24 hours in advance at the reception)

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