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About Podbanské

The Tatras, the smallest high mountains in the world with lots of natural beauty and unique features, themselves hide a magical place - Podbanské.

This small mountain resort is situated between the two highest Slovak mountain ranges – the High and Western Tatras. Close by are the mouths of three Tatra valleys - Kamenistá, Tichá and Kôprová. The area is bordered by two major mountains – Mount Bystrá (2248 m asl), which is the highest peak in the Western Tatras and the majestic High Tatra Mount Kriváň (2494 m asl) which is considered a symbol of Slovak national pride. The impressive scenery of the natural environment is enhanced by Slovakia’s cleanest river, and the only one with white-water rafting, the River Bela.

Podbanské is just right for quiet walks through the spruce forests, as well as challenging hikes around the surrounding mountains. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and the nature of the surrounding Tatra National Park in full. The roads in the nearby valleys and slopes in the foothills are suitable for bicycle tours. In winter the area is perfect for downhill or cross-country skiing. In addition, there is a ski-lift which is ideal for beginners and families with children.

Step into the picturesque mountain resort of Podbanské, which will enchant you. Come and experience a romance that you will set your heart racing...

Did you know that:

* The water in the River Bela is considered so sparkly and icy even in the summer and so clean and as pure as the heart of girl who did not want to marry another. It is said that if you bathe in or drink from the Bela, you will win the heart of your chosen one and be happy and loved.


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